Tree Pruning/Trimming

What we feel you should know:

"Pruning is one of the best things an Arborist can do for a tree but one of the worst things we can do to a tree”

When improperly performed, pruning can and will harm the trees health, stability and appearance.

When pruning mature trees, live branch removal is less desirable than it is on young trees, but sometimes is necessary.  However, cleaning the crown by removing dead, diseased or broken branches is a highly recommended practice on mature trees.  (ANSI A300).

Due to extreme natural weather conditions in our area Houston’s trees have suffered in many ways. Many of the trees in Houston have lost large portions of their crowns and some of those trees are not able to survive without the much needed shade that nature once provided. The top side of horizontal limbs that are exposed to the sun for long periods of time, will sunburn and eventually rot, causing limbs to unexpectedly break and fall from the trees. 

Lakewood Trees is asking everyone who has a child’s swing hanging from a Water Oak tree to please remove the swing from the tree. Oak tree limbs are very heavy and may cause large amounts of damage. Please be careful around these stressed trees.

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