Nancy H.

Gary and Paola Penney were recommended to me by an Urban Harvest arborist.
I asked them to evaluate 3 oak trees and to remove a non-native Chinese tallow tree and 2 large crepe myrtles.

He recommended not pruning 2 of the oaks at all; the 3rd was clearly sick so we decided to remove it. (Another tree company had recommended heavy pruning of all 4 trees earlier in the year).

His bid was very competitive and I appreciated his honesty. The work was done promptly, efficiently and cleanly. They cleaned up very well upon completion of the job. Our whole
experience with Lakewood went very well.

I believe there are hundreds of tree trimming companies in this area who probably do a lot of unnecessary work, hacking away at trees with chainsaws and what not.

What I learned from the arborist was that one should not remove ANY MORE than 20% of a tree's 'leaf area' in order to minimize the stress on the trees and maximize its health.

To actually have a tree company recommend AGAINST pruning trees is unbelievable.
That truly is both honesty and a true caring for trees.


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