Judy H., Tanglewilde subdivision Houston

Paola and Gary Penney of Lakewood Trees are wonderful, professional, and very proficient in their tree care service. They have worked on practically every tree in my yard, and I live in a tree-filled neighborhood where most of us are very particular about the treatment of our mature trees because they add so much to the landscape. I met the Penney’s through an arborist who is a longtime friend whose knowledge of tree care I trust implicitly. Naturally, Gary and Paola proved to be exactly the sort of people I was looking for to help me maintain my trees because they are pleasant, good people who are enjoyable and are totally trustworthy to have on my property at any time, and their work is exceptional. They have become loved, good friends. I would be pleased to recommend them to anyone who really cares about the appearance of their trees and are looking for trustworthy people to provide care for them.

Judy H., Tanglewilde subdivision. Houston.


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